St. Francis Mission Offers Hope

Our resources and energies are directed to the educational, social and spirtual needs that exist in the Mississippi Delta. Since 1952, St. Francis of Assisi Mission has been supported by the generosity of others. Our resources and energies are directed to the educational, social and spiritual needs that exist in the Mississippi Delta.

Please explore everything that St. Francis Mission has to offer!

Who We serve

We serve children of families that seek education that stresses the hallmarks of Catholic education:  Faith, Academics and Discipline.

We serve individuals and families that are economically disadvantaged helping them to meet their particular needs and maintain their human dignity.

We serve the Hispanic community in their academic and faith development, and provide translation assistance in the areas of social, medical and legal services.

We serve four faith communities in the Mississippi Delta.

What We Do

The Franciscan Friars and Sisters serve four parishes in the Delta for the Catholic Diocese of Jackson.

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity (Wisconsin) along with lay teachers and staff provide quality education for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6.

St. Francis Mission sponsors direct service projects that provide summer recreational programs and vacation bible programs for children, assistance to homeowners in the care of their home, and building and facilities project at St. Francis Mission and School.

Who We Are

Formed in the spirit of the Gospel and inspired by the life and example of St. Francis of Assisi,

  • Our parish ministry promotes God’s kingdom of justice and peace, faith and hope, love and acceptance.
  • Our education ministry develops each student’s spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional gifts.
  • Our direct service ministry sponsors projects that make evident the presence of God’s kingdom to those in need.