What is Apologetics?

The word apologetics come from the Greek meaning "to explain and defend." So, Catholic Apologetics is simply understanding, explaing and defending our Catholic faith.

Over the years, good, Catholic apologetic sites have exploded as part of the Church's efforts to re-evangelize Catholics first, which will allow Catholics to have the tools and confidence to share their faith with others.

Remember, most Catholics leave the Church because they are ignorant of their faith. Well meaning fundamentalist Christians, Evangelical Christians and other Christians strong in their faith will often use arguments to dissuade Catholics from their faith because these Catholics never took time or had the opportunity to know their faith based on Scripture.

Here are a few classic books that will help you understand your faith. Then, you can go to the links below for more Catholic apologetics.

Beginning Apologetics 1: How to Explain and Defend the Catholic Church by Jim Burnham and Steve Wood (San Juan Catholic Seminars, 505-327-5443 or go to www.CatholicApologetics.com)

What Catholics Really Believe by Patrick Madrid. An easy to understand presentation of the Catholic Faith by one of America's best Catholic apologists. Can be purchased through Amazon.com

For a page of nothing by Catholic links of apologetics materials, click on http://www.catholicity.com/links/119/