Funeral Planning Guide

Helping to Plan Your Funeral

St. Francis called death "Sister Death." He knew meeting Sister Death was inevitable, but if we remain committed to Jesus Christ, it is simply a  passing from this life to the eternal glory of being with the God who loves and claims each of us as His son and daughter. That is the gift of our Baptism!

Having preparations made for your funeral may sound upsetting to some, but think of it this way: isn't it better to choose your own readings and songs, instead of putting that extra stress on family members?

Sadly, many children do not fulfill their parents' desire for having a funeral Mass because their children did not know of their parent's request. The funeral Mass is important because it gives fellow Catholics an opportunity to honor their deceased loved ones, pray for their souls, and mourn their passing. Often, we think so few will be at our funeral, yet would be surprised at how many in fact do attend because of the random acts of kindness you may have expressed to others throughout the years.

Policy on Funerals for Family Members

These guidelines will assist those who are planning a funeral for a loved one.

First, no date is to be set by the family for the funeral service until consultation has been made with the pastor.

After the family has spoken with the funeral director, the funeral director will in turn contact the pastor to finalize the date and other preparations.

For Practicing Catholics at St. Francis

If the deceased was a member of St. Francis Church, and a practicing Catholic, there will be the following offered to the family:

  1. A vigil service the night before the funeral Mass
  2. A funeral Mass
  3. prayers offered at the grave side

A check for $125.00 will be paid to St. Francis Church to pay the organist and for other expenses. The check made out to St. Francis Parish or cash is to be given to the Funeral Committee before the date of the funeral.

Two members of the Bereavement Committee will meet with the family after the pastor has been notified.  Family members of the deceased are expected to provide the food and drink for the repast, if they decide to have one after the burial. Please note that during the school year, the cafeteria is available after 1 PM.  The funeral committee will set up for the funeral luncheon if the family requests one, which includes table covers.  If the family requests so, members of the parish will be asked to prepare a dish to help with the repast.

For Non Practicing Catholics

If the deceased was not a practicing Catholic, a funeral service (no Mass) will be offered at the funeral home. A donation of $50 is to be made out to St. Francis Church to cover the program.

Forms for Planning Your Funeral

By downloading these forms, it will contain everything on it that will help make a funeral a joyful celebration of your life.  After you have completed the forms, bring them over to the parish office, where they will be kept on file for future reference. We will also make a copy for you. Put that in a folder somewhere in your home, and let your children or someone you feel would be responsible for carrying out your wishes.