Celebramos con todos los mexicanos este Día de Independencia de México.  ¡Viva México!  Rezamos por todos los mexicanos y por la República – por la paz, justicia e integridad del estado civil para todos, aquí y allá, de la tierra linda y querida por tanta gente. 

The evening of October 15th begins the annual celebration of Mexican Independence Day when Fr. Hidalgo, pastor of the church of Our Lady of Sorrows (today’s feast day) in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico rang the church bells on the evening of this day in 1810 and cried out “Viva México!” (“Long live Mexico!”)  This began the War for Independence from Spain, which ended in 1821.  We celebrate this evening and tomorrow, September 16th, with our Mexican brothers and sisters their national holiday. Today also begins the annual Hispanic Heritage Month in the US, through October 15th.


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