As we Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity begin our celebration of the 150th anniversary of our founding, we will have a section in the St. Francis of Assisi parish bulletin about us and our presence here at St. Francis. Our logo for the celebration will appear each time to identify the article. The title of the logo, “Celebrating The Call,” uses the Franciscan coat of arms (crossed hands of Jesus and St. Francis over the Tau [T] Cross) which shows our Franciscan roots.  The stylized book represents the Scriptures from which we draw our strength, just as St. Francis did.  Our rule is to live the Gospel way of life. It is Christ who first called us to religious life. It is in our response to His call that we celebrate, especially in 2019, our 150-year history.  The words; Remember, Rejoice and Respond around the lower half of the circle, explain the focus of our celebration throughout this coming year.  

Mark the date: Sunday January 27th. We Franciscan Sisters will host an open house after the Masses.

Please plan to join us.  

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